Monday, June 1, 2009

The Chronicles of Kang: Space Hustler

In working on Friday's upcoming article about the Top-Ten most important Marvel villains of the Silver-Age, I realized that, much to my dismay, I simply cannot include Kang, probably my very favorite Marvel villain. Don't get me wrong, the dude is pretty much a cosmic badass. if there were an extra slot, he'd be on it, but he's just not as prominent as ten other dudes who needed to be on the list. Because of that, I've decided to add a regular feature to my blog. I've already planned to do a new Top-Ten every Friday, and I have a contest coming up, but other than that I'm kind of winging it. Therefore, I am proud to announce "Ask Kang," a feature in which Kang himself will attempt to answer your most pressing questions with all the knowledge of time and space. Nothing is out of bounds!

Please e-mail questions to, with the subject line "Ask Kang." I will forward them on to the mighty Conqueror, as he has asked me not to publicly reveal his private e-mail address.

Incidentally, how awesome is this picture of Kang, our once and future master? Lookin' all chill in his invisible space bean bag with some kind of cyber-pipe.

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