Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ask Kang Vol. 1

Unfortunately, due to some changes in the schedule of my real job, I didn't get a chance to finish up my Daredevil article today. The good news is that Kang got back to me with the first question for Ask Kang, so here it is.

Our first question comes from Newsarama forums user doc_doom.

doc_doom: Kang, how come once Avengers Disassembled/New Avengers occurred, all of the Avengers top level threats (Yourself, Masters of Evil, Count Nefaria, the Zodiac, Terminus, etc...) have been conveniently not present. This is probably the team at their weakest point. Now would be the opportune time to strike. Instead we get Ninjas, a whiny Sentry, an overrated Hood and weak-sauce Skrulls.Can you answer?

Kang: Good question, doc_doom. It is true that my mortal enemies the Avengers are at what may seem to be their most vulnerable since Gilgamesh (the best-left Forgotten One) was among their ranks, but in truth, there are no less than three Avengers teams running aruond right now, and I am reasonably certain that at least one of them is full of people who will straight kill a man. While I am willing to die to achieve honorable victory over my lessors and let my name live on, I am not willing to be eaten by Venom or at least the cab driver who wears his skin these days. No, as anyone who is not a complete simpleton knows, I prefer my victories to be won hard-fought and honorable. What difficulty is it to great Kang to simply follow the timestream to the day of my enemy's birth and simply destroy him in the womb? None at all, but there is no true victory in this. Plus, there are really like 30 Avengers right now and that is just too much heat for me.

As for my "contemporaries," I think that about 90% of the Masters of Evil who were ever a threat are either Thunderbolts or part of the Hood's gang, and those idiots have been bungling their way through Norman Osborne's laundry list for some time now. This may be a better question for him. Also, what the hell is a Terminus, and the Zodiac are probably making out somewhere. I know Libra was pretty much a jerk all along. He dared challenge mighty Kang... once.

I hope that answers your question. To sum up, I am not weak enough to have to attack my enemies at their lowest point, for that is not truly a victory (also there are actually a whole ton of Avengers these days), and everyone else is playing patsy to that lout Osborne and his delusions of grandeur.

Thanks, Kang!

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