Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tournament of Scoundrels Round 1

First up in our fight between the Sinister Six and the Rogues we have Kraven the Hunter vs. Captain Boomerang. You can view the contest rules at the post below this one.

Here are the official write-ups for this contest:

Captain Boomerang

Real name: George "Digger" Harkness
First appearance: Flash (vol. 1) #117 (Dec. 1960)
Created by: John Broome and Carmine Infantino
Powers and abilities: Captain Boomerang is an unparalleled master of throwing boomerangs, and employs a number of trick boomerangs including razor sharp boomerangs, sonic boomerangs, exploding boomerangs, and remote controlled boomerangs. He has also been known to use giant remote controlled boomerangs as vehicles, traps, and weapons.


Kraven the Hunter

Real name: Sergei Kravenov
First appearance: Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 1) #15 (Aug. 1964)
Created by: Stan Lee and Steve Ditko
Powers and abilities: Kraven is an expert hunter and tracker, and a master of numerous weapons and martial arts. Further, he has enhanced strength, speed, senses, stamina, and reflexes from an herbal potion which he ritualistically ingests. He uses numerous weapons in combat, most often spears, nets, axes, and knives, as well as various toxins and tranquilizers.

Now, right off the bat, you may think that Kraven has an advantage, but bear in mind two things: Captain Boomerang has the advantage when it comes to range, and Kraven's enhanced physicality does not propel him to a superhuman level. He's more akin to Captain America's level of strength, speed, etc.

I think it's gonna be a good fight!

The First Monthly Tournament of Scoundrels!

Starting tomorrow (Monday), I will begin a feature that I plan to do for one week each month. I'm calling it the Tournament of Scoundrels, as I will be pitting two teams of villains against each other in combat. I will choose one team from Marvel Comics, and one from DC that I feel are an appropriate match up.

Here's how it will work: each day, I'll post a match up of two characters, one from each team. You, the readers, will cast votes on who you deem the winner of the match. At the end of the week, the team with the most wins under its belt will be declared the winner. In the event of a tie, either between individual combatants, or the team, the reader with the best argument as to why their choice should be declared the winner will determine the final outcome. I will determine whose argument is best. Further, I'll cast no vote in the proceedings, just to keep it fair.

Once a winner is determined for each day, I'll then post a drawing of the match on my sketchblog, located at

Post your vote in the comments section of the individual match up. Voting will be open as soon as the match is posted, and will be closed at midnight. Feel free to tell us why each character got your vote, but keep it relatively brief, and save your best arguments for a tie!

I'll post a short summary of the combatants, including what will be considered the official power sets of the characters in question. I'll do my very best to be as impartial as possible.

Now, with the formalities aside, here are the first two teams to fight:
The Sinister Six, with their original line-up:

Kraven the Hunter, Electro, Mysterio, the Sandman, the Vulture, and Doctor Octopus


The Flash Rogues!

Captain Boomerang, Weather Wizard, Mirror Master, Heatwave, the Trickster, and Captain Cold!

Despite the fact that it's not entirely accurate to the proceedings, I couldn't resist posting this fantastic image by Scott Kolins.

I think the Sinister Six has an advantage in terms of raw power, but the Rogues could certainly take the title due to their far superior teamwork!

The first match up will be...

Captain Boomerang vs. Kraven the Hunter!