Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ask Kang Vol. 2

Today's question comes from Newsarama forums user edogawa.

edogawa: since Time Traveling doesn't actually change the timeline or time stream because all it does is creat an alternate reality, aren't your time traveling gimmick useless now? I mean, you could techinically be a foe of the Exiles.. maybe.and you lost your girlfriend to a robot, how does it feel?

Kang: What is this, DC Comics? Is this Hypertime? Do I look like the Time Trapper to you? Or Booster Gold or something? If you think that I can't make some real shit happen in the timestream, you better get a life right now. I WENT BACK IN TIME AND FELL IN LOVE WITH MS. MARVEL AND IMPREGNATED HER WITH MYSELF AND THEN SHE GAVE BIRTH TO ME AND WE FELL IN LOVE AGAIN! You know how I did it? With time travel. And guess what, doofus. That was in the good 'ol 616 (not my home reality). That's another thing your stupid question (yes, there are stupid questions) doesn't consider about mighty Kang: your precious 616 might even BE my alternate reality timeline duplicate mistake. Sorry to ruin your day.

Also, I could not feel better about that mechano-man taking that jailbait hussy off of my (or at least my younger self's) hands. Have you heard her taste in music? Plus I'm like 50, and my only love is Ravonna. Or Ms. Marvel. Or the Celestial Madonna. Or Stature.

Aww dammit...

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