Thursday, May 28, 2009

If this be Doomsday...!

Hiya. My name is George. I'm a pretty ok guy. I love comic books. More than anything, I love supervillains. The purpose of this blog is to discuss, highlight, and sometimes even ridicule some of my favorite ne'er-do-wells from comic book lore. I'm going to begin with Marvel comics villains appearing in the 1960's, because that's where almost all my favorites come from. In the coming days, I'll move forward through the '70's, '80's, '90's, and into the present. I'll eventually explore characters from both Marvel and DC, and other companies as well. I'll probably even move back through time to the '40's when supervillains first started to show their ugly mugs.

Hope you enjoy, and if you have a favorite villain you'd like highlighted, please feel free to e-mail me at

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